Monday, 5 August 2013

I don't do bored

People say that when you retire you will never have enough time to do the things you want to do.   Well I retired last Wednesday, 31st July after 30 years with a big multi-national and so far I would say that is true.  From organising flights to Russia (hence articles on Novosibirsk), fighting off a neighbor who wants to build a 3 storey house 5 metres from our windows, arranging a BBQ, tidying my desk and dealing with a slightly embarrassing medical problem, I have barely had time for the things I planned to do.  I have not even done the Russian homework I promised my teacher and myself that I would (still time to catch up on that).

Well after 3 days I should not be so hard on myself.  for a start I  have been catching up on 35 years of sleep deprivation caused by getting up to an alarm every week-day morning (not that, with the builder in, we have much rest on Saturdays either).  And the desk really is a mess, on top of the 170 unread e-mails to get through.

So why do I think I have time to blog and to mess around with flipbook on top of everything else (what that else is will remain a secret for now or no-one will want to read my Flipbook magazine)?  The answer is I don't know, but I am going to give it a go.  I am going to try to blog and publish my Flipbook magazine with the unfortunately dull title "What am I gong to do now?" (perhaps something more interesting will come along shortly), for a year, or less if I get really bored.  But then I should not get bored if I have all this to do, should I?

If you like this, or anything else I write from time to time, please let me know.

Oh and I will add the link to my Flip book magazine when I can figure out how to publish it! (I hate the modern habit of providing software applications with no manuals whatsoever. Is it only "old" people who cannot figure these things our intuitively?)


Tim O'Brien

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